Calcibon Natal Forte®

Calcium supplement, vitamin D, folic acid

COMPOSITION: Each TABLET of CALCIBON® NATAL FORTE contains: Calcium citrate 950 mg (equivalent to 200 mg of elemental calcium), vitamin D3 400 IU, folic acid 400 mcg, ferrous fumarate 55.14 mg (equivalent to 18 mg of elemental iron).

INDICATIONS: Calcium, vitamin D, folic acid and iron supplement.

Prevention and treatment of deficiencies caused by deficiency of calcium, folic acid and vitamin D during pregnancy, due to increased needs or reduced intake.

HOW TO USE: One (1) to two (2) tablets a day.

PRESENTATION: 30 coated tablets in plastic bottle.

It is a drug, do not exceed its intake, SNR INVIMA 2014M-0015487); read indications and contraindications, if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.