Urinary alkalinizer. Potassium citrate  

COMPOSITION: extended-release TABLETS. Wax-matrix tablets for oral administration. Presented in 10 mEq (1080 mg) of potassium citrate.

INDICATIONS: Potassium citrate is indicated for the prevention of the recurrence of calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis of any etiology, and uric acid lithiasis with or without calcium stones, also for the management of renal tubular acidosis (RTA) with calcium stones. It can also be used as a potassium supplement.

PRESENTATION: UROCIT-K® 10 mEq of potassium citrate bottle of 28 and 100 TABLETS (SNR INVIMA 2012M-0012879).

Product licensed and manufactured by MISSION PHARMACAL COMPANY, United States; imported and distributed by FARMA DE COLOMBIA, S. A. S.