Digestive and antiflatulent – Pancreatin and Simethicone, Ox Bile, Hemicellulase

COMPOSITION: Each tablet (enteric coated) contains digestive enzymes (pancreatin) 175 mg; dry extract of ox bile 25 mg; hydrolase (hemicellulose) 50 mg; simethicone 40 mg.

INDICATIONS: All digestive disorders produced by pancreatic insufficiency: chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic fibrosis and postpancreatectomy, chemical stimulation in chronic gastroenteritis, fermentative and putrefaction dyspepsia, digestive conditions with poor assimilation of fats and starches. Flatulence Removal of gases for abdominal x-ray.


ADULTS: 1 to 2 tablets after meals, or as prescribed by a doctor.

PRESENTATION: Box of 20 enteric-coated tablets.

It is a drug, do not exceed its intake, SNR INVIMA 2008 M-000301 R3).; read indications and contraindications, if symptoms persist, consult the doctor.