Polyethylene glycol 3350 (laxative)

COMPOSITION: EACH 100 grams of POWDER CONTAINS 100 grams of polyethylene glycol 3350.


PRESENTATION: Powder in 250 g plastic bottle. Box with 10 sachets of 17g


CHILDREN (FROM 2 YEARS OF AGE): 8.5 g per day (1 tablespoon), adjust dose according to medical judgment.

ADULTS: 17 g per day (2 tablespoons). The measuring spoon that comes with the container should be used.



IN CHILDREN: Pour 8.5 g (1 tablespoon) of EVALAX ® into half a glass (120 ml) of water, juice, bottle or soup. Stir until dissolved and drink.

IN ADULTS: Pour 17 g (2 tablespoons) into a glass (240 ml) of water, juice, soda, tea, or any liquid of your choice. Stir until dissolved. It is best dissolved in liquids at room temperature, even hot, but do not exceed 50 °C. At cold temperatures, below 18°C, it requires more time to dissolve. This product does not alter the taste of food or liquids and does not provide any taste or smell.

It is a drug, do not exceed its intake, SNR INVIMA 2012M-0013080) .Read indications and contraindications, if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.