Celectan ®

Nitazoxanide Antiparasitic

COMPOSITION: EACH COATED TABLET CONTAINS 500 mg nitazoxanide. Excipient, c.b.p. EACH 100 ml of the SUSPENSION CONTAINS 2 g nitazoxanide vehicle, c.b.p. 100 ml, bottle for 30 and 60 ml.

PRESENTATIONS: CELECTAN® Tablets: COATED TABLETS, box of 6 tablets of 500 mg nitazoxanide (SNR INVIMA 2014M-0003267 R1). CELECTAN® Polvo: SUSPENSION, box with amber glass bottle with powder to be made to 30 and 60 ml (each 5 ml contains 100 mg of nitazoxanide) (SNR INVIMA 2014M-0003168 R1).