Filtroderm Emulsion® SPF 43

4 filters sunscreen , 3 sunscreens, vitamin E and Aloe vera

COMPOSITION: Ultra sunscreen in emulsion, with:

3 solar filters against UVB (octylmethoxycinnamate, methylbenzylidene camphor, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid),
1 sunscreen against UVB(butylmethoxydibenzoyl methane),
1 sunscreen against UVB(ultrafine zinc oxide),
1 sunscreen against UVA/UVB (ultra-micronised titanium dioxide),
2 antioxidants, moisturizers and anti-inflammatories (aloe vera, vitamin E).

INDICATIONS: Ultra sunscreen that prevents overexposure to solar erythema, photocarcinogenesis, photo aging. Useful in delicate and photosensitive skin (vitiligo, albinos, pregnancy, children over 6 months of age, etc.), in patients who are taking medications that cause a photoreaction (contraceptives, quinolones, etc.).

HOW TO USE: Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure, evenly and moderately over exposed areas.

PRESENTATION: 60g tube and Sachet for 5ml. Cosmetics

External use. If any adverse reaction is observed, suspend its use and consult your doctor. Do not get in eyes. Health registration number (Registration NSOC38305-10CO)