The fundamental pillar of Farma de Colombia is to offer products that meet the highest quality standards while following national and international regulations. Following this principle, the Pharmacovigilance Department provides support to health professionals, patients and consumers so that any adverse event, inappropriate use, therapeutic failure or any other situation (e.g., medication intake during pregnancy or outside approved indications, etc.) is reported to provide the best support and guidance. This information benefits us all because we can better understand the safety and efficacy profiles of medicines.

In case of any suspicion of adverse event, lack of efficacy, overdose, off-label use, maternal or paternal exposure during pregnancy, medication errors among others, you can send your notification with ANY of the following options:

1) You can fill out the form on the right directly online.

2) Immediately call the Pharmacovigilance Department on mobile 318 289 87 01 (available 24 hours).

3) Download the Invima format for reporting adverse events. Download it here and send it to the mail

NOTE: Your information is strictly confidential according to internal and authorities’ policies on personal data privacy.

1. Patient Information
2. Medicament suspected of adverse event
3. Information of the person or institution reporting the case
4. Detailed description of the adverse event occurred

Diagnosis for which the medication was prescribed, date of onset of adverse event, symptoms or situation that occurred, duration, whether you had to discontinue administration or was after administration, whether or not you required treatment or had to be hospitalized, etc. If the event ended, the date on which it ended or whether you continue with the adverse event and any other information you consider worth including.