About Us

Our History

Farma de Colombia is a pharmaceutical company whose capital is 100% Swiss. It has been operating in Colombia since 1960. It has operations in other countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the latter being where it all began and then spread to the other countries.

The Farma group began operations in 1938, when Alfred Kuster, after having completed an internship in the European pharmaceutical industry, accepted the offer of a Swiss export company. Over the years, Farma S.A. created its first subsidiary in Latin America, which was called “Farco Ltda”, which later became Farma de Colombia.

The origin of Farma de Colombia dates back to February 18, 1960, when Farco Ltda. was founded. On March 1st, 2000, the merger by absorption of the companies Farma de Colombia S.A, Grupo Farma de Colombia S.A, Konsuma de Colombia and Novafarma laboratories was approved, with which the acquiring company was called GRUPO FARMA DE COLOMBIA S.A. In 2010, after 50 years of presence in the pharmaceutical market, the company renewed its image and took on the name of Farma de Colombia S.A.S and got established as an organization with Swiss capital, developing projects to venture into the European market.

During these 60 years of experience, Farma de Colombia has been recognized for offering Colombian people innovative products of high quality and with wide acceptance in the market, developed in its own way or by license of multinational companies of wide recognition.


Develop and market quality products and services for the health and well-being of its consumers, supporting the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


To be internationally recognized as a marketer of high-quality health products and services.

Our Values

Farma de Colombia is characterized by acting under the fundamental values of:


We cultivate family treatment among our members, through respect mutual, adaptation to change and joy for everything we do. We promote a work environment that invites you to stay in the company.


We promote respect for the rules and laws in force, integrity in our people, and ethical and responsible behavior towards society and the environment.


We continually strive to achieve team excellence and innovation, which along with everything we do. For this, we promote Bleadership, work with an achievement orientation, leads us to work responsibly to achieve the highest levels of quality for our products and services.